About us

FSI (Floor Safety Innovations) has been a manufacturer of the unique antiSLIP system® for decades. . It concerns a quick and innovative anti-slip treatment for wet and slippery tile surfaces with our self-developed and manufactured unique anti-slip product. Demonstrably tested worldwide as the best and most user-friendly anti-slip product.

Over 20 years, FSI has gained a lot of market knowledge and experience in the area of anti-slip treatments. Because of this, it became apparent that our antiSLIP system® distinguishes itself from other anti-slip products or treatments in many ways.

For many years our antiSLIP system® has been applied through collaborative partners all over the world. Therefore, FSI offers you the possibility to become a partner in your country or region.

Due to the knowledge and experience that has been gained, led to the development of a completely new and innovative ‘Eco friendly’ anti-slip maintenance product, . This new product shall be available from beginning 2021 and is a very good alternative or addition to resolve slippery surfaces (tiles, concrete and plastic) by making these slip-resistant and safe again.

In short, as a manufacturer we are constantly working in market developments and quality control. Knowledge, experience and quality, this is the standard for FSI and where we distinguish ourselves.