Grip on slippery floors through innovation
Grip op gladde vloeren door innovatie

Frequently asked questions

The product works on most floors and surfaces. This depends on the porosity of the floor or surface in question. The product works e.g. on the following floors and surfaces:

Tiles (unglazed)





Walk-in shower, shower tray and bathtub

The product will not be effective on glazed tiles and on bluestone (mostly natural stone). This has to do with the fact that the product does not adhere/impregnate to/in the tiles because of the glaze layer present on the tile or because the tiles have a dense pore structure (bluestone). Think, for example, of Belgian bluestone or a type thereof.

Furthermore, the surface (e.g. tiled floor) must always be well degreased. E.g. in the shower corner, the residue of e.g. skin fats, soap and shampoo residues must be removed. This can easily be applied with cleaning vinegar with water (1:1) and rubbed lightly with a scouring pad. Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse well with water. Furthermore, you will always have to rinse well with water after showering to rinse away those skin oils, soap and shampoo residues, so that no residue is left behind that will eventually make the floor unnecessarily slippery again.

Yes, the product works on both dry and damp (and wet) slippery floors and surfaces.

No, the product significantly reduces the risk of slipping and thus ensures a high degree of (preventive) safety.

The product has a long-lasting effect. The duration of effectiveness depends on the intensity of use of the treated surface. It is a recommendation to repeat the treatment standard 2 to 3 times a year for continuous non-slip and safe floors. However, this will have to be determined by yourself per situation and type of surface.

Yes, the ready-to-use product is very easy and quick to apply. Depending on the packaging (spray bottle or jerry can), apply the product with a lint-free cloth or a flat mop (for surfaces larger than 5m2).

No, with normal use the original aspect does not change when using INNOGRIP AntiSlip. After all, the product does not contain any chemicals that can release a chemical reaction.

Yes, after some time the effect may decrease due to the intensity of the use of the treated surface and then you apply the product again very quickly and easily. It is a recommendation to repeat the treatment standard 2-3 per year for continuous non-slip and safe floors. However, this will have to be determined by yourself per situation and type of surface.

Yes, the product can be stored in a cool, dark place. Always shake before use. The shelf life of the product is approximately 3 years.

Yes, the product is completely safe to use, 100% ecological and environmentally friendly. The product does not contain hazardous chemicals and does not require a warning symbol on the packaging according to the prescribed guidelines

The product is available in a 250 ml spray bottle (suitable for smaller surfaces such as in the bathroom) and a 2 liter jerry can (suitable for larger or multiple surfaces in and around the house). For the more professional market, the product is available in 5 and 10 liter jerry cans for larger surfaces such as in shopping centers, supermarkets, swimming pools, galleries, public parking garages and factory and distribution center floors.

30 minutes is actually the minimum time for the product to absorb properly and thus get the best result. Letting it soak in longer time is no problem. The product pulls into the relevant surface and dries. Then you can mop the treated surface clean or rinse with warm water.

The number of square meters you can treat with 1 liter of product varies between 30 square meters to 100 square meters. This depends on the type and porosity of the surface to be treated

The surface should always be dry and reasonable clean when applying the product. In the case of the shower area, the surface must be clean and degreased. This means that skin fats and the residue of shampoo and soap residues must be removed for optimal results. Even after the treatment with the product, it is important that you always rinse the relevant surface after each shower to remove the skin fats and the residue of shampoo and soap. In this way you retain a long-lasting effect of the product.

After using a flat mop, mop or lint-free cloth, you can leave the flat mop in a bucket with warm water for a few hours. You can then let the flat mop dry to be used again for a repeat treatment. The flat mop can be cleaned in the washing machine, so that you can use the flat mop for other cleaning purposes.

This can be done, for example, by using cleaning vinegar. Just let it soak for 5 minutes and then rinse well with water. Then dry the surface to be treated and start to apply INNOGRIP AntiSlip.

Testing is done by placing your foot on the treated surface and pushing it forward under pressure (body weight). Also treat a large piece of e.g. at least 5 m2 to really experience the grip on the slippery surface.


Make sure that you always test the effect correctly after treatment, so do not rub your hand over the treated surface or lightly move your foot or shoe back and forward. This is not the correct way of testing.

Unglazed tiles have no glaze layer and look more natural than glazed tiles. A glazed tile shines more than an unglazed tile.

In some cases, the product also works on glazed tiles. However, this depends on the thickness of the glaze layer and the baking process of the tile (hardness and wear resistance).

As long as the algae growth has not been removed, the product will not work.

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