Grip on slippery floors through innovation
Grip op gladde vloeren door innovatie

Instructions for use 

Ready to use
INNOGRIP AntiSlip is immediately ready for use and is very easy to apply.
Suitable for many surfaces
Unglazed tiles, concrete, plastic, linoleum, walk-in shower, shower tray, bathtub.
100% ecological
INNOGRIP AntiSlip is completely environmentally friendly (does not require a hazard symbol on the label).

Instructions for use 
for professionals

The use of INNOGRIP AntiSlip for making slippery (damp/wet) floors and surfaces non-slip and safe is very quick and extremely easy.

The product is ready for use and can be applied in different ways. This depends on the floor or surface you want to treat.

We make a distinction in use for in and around the house (walk-in shower, shower tray, bathtub, bathroom floor, kitchen floor, terrace, garden tiles, entrance)
and for more professional use (swimming pools, saunas, stairwells, entrances, galleries (at residential complexes), parking garages, shops and shopping centers, supermarkets, hospitals, care centers, hotels, public transport stations).
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Treating large surfaces
If large surfaces need to be treated, from approximately 50 m2 or more, this can be carried out with a flat mop or with a professional scrubber (such as public parking garages, shopping centers, supermarkets, factory and distribution center floors).

The ready-to-use product can be placed in a bucket or in the scrubber and then applied to the surface to be treated.

Apply the product from left to right (flat mop) or from front to back (with the scrubber) and leave on for at least 30 minutes. If necessary, mop the treated surface slightly clean or rinse with water.

Depending on the intensity of the use of the treated surface, the very quick and simple treatment will have to be repeated after some time.

It is a recommendation to repeat the treatment 2 to 3 times a year for continuous non-slip and safe floors. This will have to be determined by yourself per situation and type of surface.

Non-slip and safe floors reduce the risk of falling and slipping. This also includes liability and possible claims. Demonstrable preventive measures play an important role in this.

As we say: “Prevention is better than cure”

Prevention is better than cure
Don't hesitate any longer and buy INNOGRIP AntiSlip today to make your smooth floor or surface non-slip and safe in a very quick and easy way!
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