Grip on slippery floors through innovation
Grip op gladde vloeren door innovatie

Innogrip AntiSlip

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Ready to use
INNOGRIP AntiSlip is immediately ready for use and is very easy to apply.
Suitable for many surfaces
Unglazed tiles, concrete, plastic, linoleum, walk-in shower, shower tray, bathtub.
100% ecological
INNOGRIP AntiSlip is completely environmentally friendly (does not require a hazard symbol on the label).

About INNOGRIP AntiSlip

INNOGRIP AntiSlip is a "do it yourself" product to make slippery floors and surfaces non-slip and safe.

The product differentiates itself in the market as follows:

• Very easy and quick to apply (ready to use).

• 100% ecological, so completely environmentally friendly (does not require a hazard symbol on the label).

• Affordable and accessible.

• Completely safe in use and in application (does not change the color, gloss or structure of the treated (tile) floor or surface).

• Works on dry, slippery floors and surfaces as well as damp, slippery floors and surfaces.

• Has a long-lasting and durable effect. This depends on the intensity of use of the treated floor or surface. After some time, the effectiveness will decrease and then you can apply the product again very easily and quickly.

The product can be used on many floors and surfaces. E.g. it works on:

• Unglazed tile floors*
• Concrete floors and stairs
• Plastic floors
• Stone surfaces
• Linoleum floors
• Walk-in shower, shower tray and bathtub

Unglazed tiles have no glaze layer and look more natural than glazed tiles. A glazed tile shines more than an unglazed tile. In some cases, the product also works on glazed tiles. However, this depends on the thickness of the glaze layer and the baking process of the tile (hardness and wear resistance).
It is recommended to periodically treat a treated floor or substrate. This also applies to the professional market (in and around public buildings such as stairwells, galleries of residential complexes, public parking garages, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping centers, care centers, hotels, public transport stations).

Why INNOGRIP AntiSlip?

Better safe than sorry.
For a slippery and safe floor.
Easy and simple to apply.
100% Ecological, completely environmentally friendly.
Long-lasting effect.
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